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We are a company that sells an outstanding quality of waterproof cladding panels for Bathroom and Kitchens. Or anywhere in the home or workplace. In addition, a large variety of bathroom suites. We provide you with the expert advice on installation of your panel along with expert advice for an effective use of your cladding panel.

Baths & Panels staff are here to help you with installation, maintenance, designs, planning, and helpful tips for a newly view of your bathrooms and kitchens. We provide you with the best cladding panels. We have so many quality panels; each has special characteristics that meets the needs of every customer. In addition to bathroom cladding; we also provide Ceiling cladding as well as decor cladding.

Whether you need a new transformation for your Bathroom or Kitchen? Or you are looking for design suggestion and tips for your Bathroom or Kitchen cladding? We can help you achieve that!

We have a team of specialist who are ready to give you assistance, and advice on your install and transform your bathroom and kitchen by using the best quality of our cladding collection. Check out our cladding panels here and choose your most preferred cladding panels.

We are a group of décor and maintenance specialists that have long years of experience in the installation and maintenance of kitchens and bathrooms. From the time we launched the company; we have served many customers all over the UK and still strive to serve many more.

A good and overlooking design along with easy and successful installation phase; is what our company is providing. We also help in the maintenance and the repairing of you bathroom and kitchen panels.

We use high quality cladding that are strong, with several colours and shapes to choose from what better fits with your interest and view. With Baths & Panels you can choose from our diverse cladding designs. Call our team of specialists who are going to give you the best advice on install of the cladding panel in your bathroom or kitchen according to your requirement.

Cladding is to offer an extraordinary view to your kitchen along with your bathroom. It is also to protect your wall from damage, keep it clean, and gives it a sophisticated and luxury view. Our cladding panels are well constructed and formed in many shapes to fit with the length of your wall. Furthermore, you have a variety of choices to make according to your budget as well as which type of design interest you the most.

You can easily buy from our online store by just one click. In addition, we provide safe and secure payment method using Paypal. Our prices are very reasonable and least expensive than many other cladding production companies in the market today.

As an experienced team work, we clearly understand the needs and the uniqueness experience of each customer we have. By choosing us you are choosing high quality materials, excellent cladding and advice on installation, maintenance services by the hands of specialists, as well as a customer service team that are at your service if you need any advice, question or concerns about cladding design panels for your bathroom or kitchen. We have special prices for even our leading brands such as Claddtech, Vox, Decorwall, Duma, Marbrex, and Maxi shower wall. Prices depends on which cladding you have chosen,

as we believe that each customer have special needs and different view, and as a result wants to have a unique experience.

To find out more about the services provided; feel free by contacting us on 01543 307 525 or in case you need assistance and advice you can browse our online store.

What Makes Us Different From All The rest

We are different from all the rest Because, 

  • All our panels are 100% waterproof. 
  • All our panels are Class 1 Fire Certified.
  • No grouting ever.
  • All our panels Reduce Condensation

Specialists In Designer Waterproof Bathroom Cladding Open To The Trade and Public


We have specialists in designing waterproof Bathroom cladding that have  solid expertise in the field of the installation and maintenance of waterproof Bathroom Cladding.

We provide High quality and waterproof Bathroom cladding that meets with most needs of our customer needs and expectations. That is because of the hard work and expertise of our team to provide the best possible results to every client.

Colours and materials are been carefully chosen to give you the best design for your house Bathroom or Kitchen. We have experts that can provide you with good suggestion and proposition for a very beautiful view and transformation of your Bathroom or Kitchen. In addition, advice that can help you have the most possible result along with wonderful view.

Check out some of our specialists’ works and get a full idea about what kind of services we provide. Baths & Panels is your way to have a very outstanding and high quality cladding services like you wish it to be.



Measure your wall width that you want to cover with bathroom panels, take this measurement and divide it by the width of the panel you have chosen. For example my wall is 2000mm wide and the panels i want are 250mm wide so i do this 2000 ÷ 250 = 8 so i need 8 panels.

Do this for each additional wall then add them all together at the end, we also recomened you add 1-2 addtional panels on for any mistakes that are made n the cutting proccess.

Don't Measure in millimetrs don't worry convert it here.


For the height the maximum the panels are 2700mm some are 2600mm and some are only 2400mm please check your room height is within the panel length you have chose.

If your heights are higher you can join two panels together by using what we call a H trim you will find these in our shop.


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